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Payment:  $15 and Contributor's Copy

Theme:  Men in spandex stretched taut by bulging muscles. Perfect examples of sexuality and virility. Since their advent, superheroes have sparked the imaginations and fantasies of those who enjoy following their adventures. In this anthology we're looking for stories of hero worship that go to the ultimate level. Or, the star-crossed lovers who are arch-enemies and lovers rolled into one. Budding romances between teammates. Whatever the circumstance, relationships with superheroes are rife with potential for sexual encounters.

Requirements: We want you to tell us a story as well as titillate us. All characters engaging in the sexual act must be adult males, and they must be original to the author--no fanfiction. Absolutely no rape, incest, pedophilia, or bestiality. If you include alien/non-terrestrial characters, they must be humanoid and sentient.The sex scene may be PG-13 to XXX, but, honestly, the hotter the better.

General submission guidelines apply for this anthology. Your submission must follow our formatting guidelines.
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