$10 per accepted blog post.

1. Subject matter must pertain to romance/erotica (preferably Male-Male) or LGBTQ issues. If you're not sure your subject matter fits, you can query us.
2. Submissions must be between 600 and 1000 words. If you have something over 1000 words, we can discuss having a two-part post. All submissions must be print-ready. We will not edit submissions in order to receive them. 
3. Currently we will only be accepting blog posts or articles that have not been published previously. You will sign a contract giving Inkubus Publishing first-printing rights. We do not ask for any rights other than these.
4. Please include a SHORT author bio at the bottom of your document. The author bio does not count toward the word limit. Author bios are not limited on content. Sell yourself. Tout your works. Just be brief, please.
5. If you have questions, please ask us. We don't bite. Unless you're into that. We don't kink shame here.